Sol's Campaign

Fib's journal: Entry number two


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When Dez starts to swing

Goblins scream in fear

I barely did a thing!

I just stood clear


My boys cleared rooms

Levelled temples to the ground

And I? My anger just fumes

Because of what I found


As I stopped being tender




Why do we stumble from one horrible situation to the next? Are we three meant to always get in trouble? Things used to be simpler. It started early this week when we woke in the village now safe from flaming angry wolves. The innkeeper told us to see a scholar by the name of Landi on our way out to see the Father. We checked in on him and I am glad we did! We got hold of a pendant that should keep Fel from dying. An ointment that I badly need to figure out how to make, it holds amazing healing abilities. Back at the inn we met the scholar, a small halfling that wanted us to go to a ancient ruin. Warning bell one. Ancient ruin for an ancient elven civilization. Fair enough. Ancient elven cult of life and death. Second warning bell. Her team have discovered an artifact. Hear those bells again? I do. She needs bodyguards to get her there and the artifact out, through woods infested with goblins and wolves…. For the great reward of 500 gold. I can not recall making any god mad at me lately. Since it is on our way to the village with the tanner we thought we might as well, so off we went!

  Talking to her during our travels I tried to get more information about this cult and something more that could save our skins. Nothing. Dez and Fel was busy looking at trees I suppose… Good thing they did too! Got jumped by goblins and I barely hit any of them. Dezmond on the other hand… He obliterated them.  I guess we do not keep him around for his grand intellect. That lad can swing axes I tell you!

  Anyway, we found ourselves at an inn that looked like bloody murder, literally. Upon sneaking up there and keeping track of our small scholar companion. I swear, she kept trying to run into trouble every chance she had! It is almost like she forgot that we were hired for a reason! Sneaking up we saw loads of goblins led by a hobgoblin inside the inn with all the corpses. We quickly formulated a plan of attack and charged. I told Dez to kill all the goblins. He… Well, by my beard that boy does good work! He killed two goblins before me and Fel barely got into the building. Further into the fight and I feel we are doing excellent the freaking hobgoblin wishes to surrender! AND THEY WEREN’T GUILTY. For once I skip diplomacy and what happens? What happens? I kill innocent goblins! Well, as innocent as goblins can be but still! I found some gold at least, it served me and the lads well to make the score even in the end.

  Fast forward after that catastrophe we got to the ruins and it didn’t take long until thing started going south. Quickly. Managing to open up a secret passage inside the former companions of Landi started showing up. I say former since they were dead! Transformed into undead monsters with claws and an unrelenting hunger. We managed to take down three of them before moving into the secret passage and having Landi stay back. As we got down we found the leader of the group. Holding onto some sort of artifact he was skulking behind the altar. There were bodies strewn about and he had blood all over him. We did not trust him. I fired a bolt that went over his head and the fight was imminent. He was slippery too! As I charged him he vanished and reappeared next to a friend. I just turned on my heel and tried clobbering his head in. But he used magic and I hit an invisible wall! What did I expect from a clearly crazy elf with a magical bone? Yes, the artifact was a bone! Suddenly the 500 gold made more sense. Dezmond saved my skin by killing of an undead creature that was sneaking up behind me. That lad never fails, I need to remember that. As we took down the crazed elf I smashed the bone and we quickly left. Fel levelled the place to the ground from the outside. I sometimes forget how much power he holds, with his easy demeanor and always scheming on a con of some kind or the other. We did survive and we got out payment, Landi was inspired and wanted to become a spell caster. A potential ally, foolish or not is never a bad thing. Hopefully we can move on to that tanner now. I also need to figure out my judgement, it could get us in some real trouble when our luck runs out. Although considering what I found, that will not happen any time soon…


solavora solavora

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