Sol's Campaign

Fib's journal: Entry one

The Monster Diplomat

Me and the boys were having a lovely stroll trying to find some new lucrative ventures. We were not certain if the direction chosen was perfect, seeing as Fal was the guide but I trusted we would get somewhere eventually. Which we did! We got close to a village and Dez spotted farmers with their sheep being attacked. Being the kind souls we are and also hoping for a reward we joined in the fray.<meta />

 The battle was… Short. The wolves ran off with some sheep but the farmers seemed thankful and led us to the village. There we learned that attacks had been more and more frequent and that the wolves apparently were able to enter locked barns and such. A crazed farmer that had been attacked raved about that they were even talking! Troublesome.

  We talked to the council who had their meeting place in the same building as the inn, very convenient! After some negotiation about pricing for our services we headed off to talk to the father by the church to get some health potions and a medicine kit. I may have tried snagging the fathers key but he noticed me. I must be losing my touch… Anyway! By speaking to the father we learned about his brother, a sorcerer with strange ways that disappeared slightly before this odd events with the wolves started happening. At this point I was sure we had a crazy mage in the forest on our hands. NOT worth the current reward I tell you! We met a farmer there that suggested we could set a trap for the wolves. Agreeing our troop followed him to his farmstead, locked two sheep in the barn and hid in bushes. We may have fallen asleep at that time, I mean, we had walked quite a bit and these youngsters take long strides! Waking we saw the barn door wide open and the sheep gone! Ushering my two companions we set off towards the forest following the tracks before the farmer noticed our failure. After a while of tricking in the forest we heard a sound, quickly hiding we noticed a badly injured owlbear. The poor thing had wounds and even scorch marks. I came out of the brush carefully trying not to scare it and see if we could tend to the wounds, it charged me! So I quickly changed strategy and got behind Dezmond. After a short battle we took the beast down. After a bit of arguing and some bribes  “the group” decided to go after the tracks of the owlbear since that would probably lead to the wolves. After a while we got to a clearing in front of a cave. There were wolves but they had CLOTHES. At this point the attacked farmer didn’t seem as crazy. So I tried yet again for a diplomatic approach. Letting the boys stay back I slowly walked up with hands clearly visible. Got their attention and they started screaming that we are hunters. I did not even get a chance! So. A fight began. This one was hard. I tried with reason during but to no avail, I might have lost my temper and crushed one with my hammer to fine paste. In my defense I tried reason more than once that day and was denied every time!

  A short relief was had when more wolves and the leader couple showed up. Bolt and Flame. Bolt was their alpha male and Flame his mate. She could breathe fire and had a red glow to her! He was glowing blue. Very strange. At that time the male seemed more reasonable but Flame was crazed of hatred and she knocked him unconscious. Shortly thereafter when I tried to retreat to Fal I fell. My brave companions managed to bring down the alpha female and her guard, somehow convincing some of the wolves to stay out of it. I was told this as I was brought back to consciousness. After a conversation with Bolt it was agreed they would flee far north and we would tell the villagers that they were all dead. They seemed insistent to talk directly to the villagers or even us talking for them! I saw nothing but disaster in that line of thinking and more work than it would be worth so there. I never wanted to kill any of them out of cold blood! They just wanted to secure their home and family. After a bit of digging we were told that the sorcerer had been doing things in the forest and shortly after that the wolves changed. Nervously we asked about his wherabouts but apparently he had died in the forest and his remains had been eaten by the wolves. Horrible way to go I say. But that is literally the nature of things is it not? We stuck around a bit until they left. Skinned a couple of wolves and took Flames remains with us.

Bloodied and tired I took a chair and sat in front of the council explaining events and making sure we got our pay. Included in our reward was room and board and I called first on the bath. My beard was a mess and I needed sleep. We skipped telling about the sorcerer, got our pay and spoke to the father afterwards in our room. He deserved the truth about his brother. Quite distressed he left us to our own devices and much needed rest. Which I gladly took. What a day. I wish to check upon the Father before we leave. Make sure he is alright and he may have some local news so we can find some further work and fill our pockets. The last disaster of a disaster a couple of weeks ago left our pockets light… With my final verses this entry ends.


This poor dwarf just falls flat

When doing constant combat

So now he will teach

The art of speech

Make way for the monster diplomat!




solavora solavora

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