Alexi Merriksonn

Deceased Welton Sorcerer, brother of Father Merriksonn


The protector of Welton, Alexi spent his life
keeping dangerous monsters and occasional
bandit gangs away from his home village.
Born with a link to the inscrutable forces of Wild
Magic that always marked him as an outsider
while growing up, his brother Johan was his only
real friend. Despite this, he was keen to show his
worth to the people of Welton and trained long
and hard to increase his abilities.
Befitting the source of his power, Alexi was
unpredictable and passionate, given to flights of
fancy and wild laughter. He roamed the lands
beyond Welton almost at random, seeking out
threats before they approached the farms of the
common folk.
Despite his commitment to their protection, the
folk of Welton always viewed the sorcerer with a
degree of suspicion. At times the presence of his
brother may have been the only thing keeping
some of the more superstitious and hot-headed
members of the community from trying to drive
him out.
He stumbled across the wolf pack while
patrolling the moorlands. He didn’t plan to
destroy them, but simply wanted to drive them
off. While he was using his abilities, however, he
was struck by a Wild Magic Surge, destroying his
body and imbuing the nearby wolves with some
of his intelligence and magical abilities.


Alexi Merriksonn

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