Father Merriksonn

Priest of Eldath, Welton Council member


The local priest of Eldath, Johan Merriksonn was born and
bred in Welton and loves both the village and its
inhabitants. He is a human in his mid-50s with a
kindly face and wispy white hair.
He and his brother, Alexi, were born to a family
of reasonably successful farmers and are well educated
by the standards of the region. While
Alexi found himself able to control the power of
Wild Magic, Johan felt the draw of the church
and was apprenticed by the local priest
In many ways Merriksonn acts as the conscience
and moral compass for the otherwise
mercantile-minded village council. He
has at times come into conflict with some of the more
businesslike members over his desire to
prioritise feeding the locals over meeting the
terms of their export contracts.


Father Merriksonn

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